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Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come and Gone?

November 9, 2013

ghost of christmas yet to comeAs humans we try to make the best of our short time here on Earth.  We did not ask to be here. Many of us are thankful we are here, some are not. I believe we all marvel at life and its non-stop attempt to lay down roots in this Earth and make meaning of it. Based upon what we are taught or what we perceive, we do our best to make our way. If you are like me and are reaching middle age, you may have buried your parents already, realizing that life is very short and that part of your identity is lost with your parents because they knew you best. If you have had children, you cannot not be amazed at life unfolding and you should realize how precious it is. If you spend time out in nature, unplugged from our electronic dungeon we have created, you will see the same. You realize as you get older much of “life” is not figured out, if it is even figureouttable.  We all live in our small slice of this world, making the best of it that we can.

But on a larger scale on our small Earth, something has gone TERRIBLY WRONG.

Autism(Brain Damage) now affects 1 in 88 children in US and 1 in 54 boys

Our bees are disappearing at an alarming rate

Our Frogs/Amphibians are disappearing

Bats are disappearing

Our grandparents are succumbing to brain damage (Alzheimer’s)

Severe algae blooms and fish kills are increasing

More and larger sinkholes are appearing around the country

After my year of research, personally, I cannot blame all of this on “climate change” or extra nutrients in the water.  In fact, dinosaurs thrived in a hot, humid Earth.  After plotting 10 months of fish kills, algae blooms, waterspouts, sinkholes and earthquakes I see a more sinister cause.  A cause you cannot hear, see, touch, smell.  It penetrates water very well due to its low frequency with a wavelength of a few centimeters.  It is penetrating our waterways, it is penetrating into our babies in the womb.  It is messing with the bees natural mechanism of navigation.  It is messing with bats echo location.  It is adding energy to the atmosphere in its surroundings, increasing the number and size of sinkholes during storms.  It is increasing the number and intensity of tornadoes and waterspouts nearby. It even appears to me to be increasing the number of earthquakes in its immediate surroundings through accelerated ionization and decay.  Its energy is being absorbed in all biology and is weakly ionizing, doing neurological damage over time with its persistent, 24/7 coverage.

It is Doppler Weather/Government Radar

and it was rushed into service without ANY studies performed on its long term effects on the atmosphere or surrounding biology


and if we really understood that our atmosphere is not just air and water vapor, but it has a vacuum component that is discharging weakly ionizing radiation all of the time around us, we would have realized that pumping hundreds of megawatts of low frequency radiation into the vacuum above us was a really bad idea, since it attenuates, reflects, and increases ionization in all biology in the surroundings.

11-9-13 Melbourne

2013 (F)ish Kills, manatee deaths, dolphin deaths, pelican deaths, algae blooms concentrated around Melbourne, FL Dual Pol Doppler Radar.

I am afraid that Christmas Yet to Come has already arrived.

I updated my Google Earth Database if anybody wants to download it here.  You can turn on/off individual groups to paint a picture.  Make sure you download the National Weather Service Doppler Mosaic here to paint the full picture.  You can download seismic data from USGS here to supplement.


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