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Guys, I am Pretty Sure

November 11, 2013

Damage in Phillipines

That this is a release of entropy to the surroundings through quantum decoherence of those dark/vacuum strings within the eyewall of that storm. Last year I was trying to decide if these things were gaining mass, but I believe they are mostly decaying (nature would not want them to gain mass else we would all get sucked in) By itself, air and water vapor cannot do that level of destruction.  Those strings are ionizing their surroundings, creating and condensing water vapor and pulling a vacuum. We don’t need to destroy the strings/branes, as they do bring the rains. What we need to do is cause them to break symmetry by inducing decoherence.  It appears to me that those 6 Doppler stations in Oklahoma City (2-3 MWs of power) are possibly enough to do that, as they have had an increase in mesovortex tornadoes and earthquakes, which I believe have been broken off from the strings above by those Doppler stations.  It is the symmetry of multiple strings that are causing the huge disturbance as they tend to get tangled up.  Untangle them and you will have killed the major disturbance.  I believe this can be done either at the hurricane eyewall itself or along the cold conveyor jet leaving the hurricane.

That is what my process logic is telling me.  Large Quantum objects are unstable, we need to tune into their frequency with high powered Doppler away from people and induce instability and that eye should break down and the pressure rise, reducing damage to civilization.


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