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Bleached Breached Coral Reef (Say 5 Times Fast)

November 12, 2013

bleached coral reefI thought I would to continue to expand my theory of everything and look at coral reef bleaching. I felt like this was a more worthy effort than continuing to blow up Doppler radar towers, although that sure has been fun. If you want to know the truth I unknowingly dropped my IPhone 4 into a cup of iced tea on Saturday and it stayed submerged for two hours.  So I upgraded to an IPhone 5 but it will not run the App anymore to blow things up.

I actually know something about bleaching as I have designed bleaching systems in industry using peroxide, chlorine dioxide and sodium hypochlorite, all bleaching “agents” because they donate oxygen and oxidize things, effectively whitening or “bleaching” them.  In my just in time to save the world blog searching about coral reef bleaching I came across two overlying facts

1) El Nino and La Nina events can cause reef bleaching.

2)  Reefs started to go to hell in the 1980’s (Links Below)

Regarding El Nino and his sister El Nina, they occur when the jet streams appear to get stuck for a few months into one area and dictate weather patterns.  Now I told you all before that I believe El Nino is El Black Holo Stringo and it is these strings of dark/vacuum energy that get stuck into one place into and through the Earth as the strings gradually oscillate, decay and decohere in the atmosphere.  It is at this time that reefs many times become bleached.  Now if you have followed my theory I think it is an increase in local vacuum energy concentration penetrating and gradually ionizing the waterways, ionizing dissolved oxygen right out of the water and Viola Nino, you get a bleaching agent, oxygen that can attack your coral.  You will also get other stuff like phosphates and nitrates to help feed the algae bloom.  Scientists blame algae blooms on the lack of oxygen /hypoxia when I think they have it ass backwards, algae CREATE oxygen, which is why it is in our atmosphere.  Dark/vacuum energy is the ionizing energy source.

Now, regarding item two, this is where I have to blame man again.  I ran across a couple items below:

  • Beginning in the 1980s, the frequency and widespread distribution of reported coral reef bleaching events increased
  • The period between 1980 to 2000, saw the developed countries depending on radar networks. In this period, US, Canada, and France switched over from conventional radars to Doppler weather radars; their biggest advantage is that not only can it track the position and intensity if the particles in the air, but can also track their relative velocity [WHAT KIND OF PARTICLES?]
  • Red tide is a global phenomenon. However, since the 1980s harmful red tide events have become more frequent and widespread.

So in my model it is an increase in energy levels of this same vacuum energy and also microwave radiation due to our Doppler Radars that is causing the same effect as El Nino.

Doppler radar produces low frequency, PENETRATING radar waves.  It is also emitting MEGAWATTS of radiation over our heads continuously.  The atmosphere is attenuating much of that energy and reflecting back towards Earth in my model, possibly at even lower frequencies.  My data is showing that around towers, there is a tremendous increase in algae blooms, fish kills, waterspouts(ionized plasma discharge), sinkholes(plasma/vacuum discharge during storms), manatee deaths, dolphin deaths, pelican deaths, whale deaths, sea star wasting, etc.


It is not “global warming” causing these events.  Although warming is a problem, it is not that significant yet.  One of our atmosphere’s primary roles is to discharge the Sun’s energy to the Earth.  Doppler is pumping it back up, increasing ionization, oxidation, mutation and DECAY.

We are creating our own Black Death.

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