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The Monster

November 13, 2013


11-4-13 Florida

(F)ish Kills, Sinkholes, (W)aterspouts. Spheres are NEXRAD, TDWR and airport radar

11-6-13 Florida Doppler Mosaic


Attention Oklahoma City: Turn off some of those Dopplers and I predict your earthquakes and tornadoes will reduce in frequency…

You will be happy to know we humans are considered ground clutter to the Doppler dudes. The MIT PhD’ers didn’t realize we had decaying strings of dark/vacuum energy overhead. Fatal mistake for all of us. Interesting to see when they will fess up.  200 Babies born each day with brain damage.

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  1. Brita permalink

    Starfish wasting disease baffles US scientists
    Deadly disease ravages sea creatures in record numbers along west coast of US from south-east Alaska to Orange County
    Share 337

    Reuters in San Francisco, Tuesday 5 November 2013 03.06 EST

    I’m sure this doesn’t surprise you. I wasn’t aware of “the monster” until now.
    When will we ever learn?

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