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The White Nose Will Be the Clue to the Silent Killer Around You

November 13, 2013

Millions-of-bats-dying-during-hibernationMillions of bats dying during hibernation
Scientists have confirmed that nearly all of the 10,000 bats that have hibernated for generations in an abandoned iron ore mine in Pennsylvania have died, according to local news.

White nose syndrome causes a white fungus to form around the nose of infected bats. They lose the body fat needed to survive hibernation and ultimately starve to death. The disease is not a threat to humans, but has claimed over 7 million bats in the last six years.

First bees, now bats are disappearing. What’s next?

800px-Cryptococcus_neoformans_using_a_light_India_ink_staining_preparation_PHIL_3771_loresRadiotrophic fungus
 Radiotrophic fungi are fungi which appear to use the pigment melanin to convert gamma radiation[1] into chemical energy for growth.[2] This proposed mechanism may be similar to anabolic pathways for the synthesis of reduced organic carbon (e.g., carbohydrates) in phototrophic organisms, which capture photons from visible light with pigments such as chlorophyll whose energy is then used in photolysis of water to generate usable chemical energy (as ATP) in photophosphorylation or photosynthesis. However, whether melanin-containing fungi employ a similar multi-step pathway as photosynthesis, or some chemosynthesis pathways, is unknown.

We describe the pigmented tissue layer covering the skull of Rhabdomys pumilio and test the hypotheses that it is melanin and that it functions in absorption of ultraviolet solar radiation. The parietals were covered by a dark tissue layer with smaller amounts of pigment extending over the frontals and nasals. Pigment granules also were observed in many skeletal muscles. Histologically, these tissues contained granules that stained black with hematoxylin and eosin, and silver impregnation. Spectrographic absorbency scans of pigment on the skull and in the skin showed two pigment layers absorbing maximally at different ultraviolet wavelengths. 

We suggest that both pigments are melanin acting in a complementary manner to provide an effective central nervous system radiation shield in Rhabdomys

The bats may be dying from fungus growth due to the increase in radiation from the atmosphere due to high power, low frequency, penetrating Doppler/military radars interacting with the atmosphere.  It is the same radiation that is killing the bees, starfish, causing increased autism in our children, increased breast cancer in their mothers, increased prostate cancers in their fathers, triggering algae blooms, killing fish, dolphins, whales, bleaching our reefs, triggering large sinkholes, multiple waterspouts and earthquakes near Doppler towers.

This is an upset to our low frequency quantum vacuum field from Doppler radar tower radiation in our atmosphere guys, physics missed it entirely and for that we are paying with our lives.


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