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Those Damn “Biological Contaminants”

December 20, 2013
Sitka Alaska

Sea Star Wasting, Amphibians Dying, Yellow Cedar Wasting, Salmon Fish Kills, within 160 miles of Sitka, Alaska 750,000 Watt Doppler Radar Station

Amphibian Data from Here

“Biological Contamination”

Non-precipitating echoes may be due to artifacts such as anamalous propagation, ground clutter, electronic interference, sun strobe, and biological contaminants (i.e., birds, bats and insects). The local texture of reflectivity fields suffices to remove most artifacts, except for biological echoes. Biological echoes, also called ”bloom” echoes because of their circular shape and expanding size during the night time, have proven difficult to remove,


Don’t worry, if we wait long enough we will have removed them



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