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Warning: Quantum Field Entanglement in Progress

December 20, 2013

12-20-13 WeatherExpect increased uncertainty along the path of those entangled “cosmic” strings as they sweep across the US and gradually decay space around them.  Increased ionization, condensing, electromagnetic discharge, mesovortexes, super cell storms from decaying, broken off kinked up strings, high winds, sinkholes and an overall increase in entropy from quantum decoherence along their path as well as an increased beckoning to “Mother Nature” and Acts of God” as humans try to explain it all.

Those cosmic strings will also twist, reflect and attenuate Doppler microwave radiation in all directions, including the ground, creating “anomalous signals” as they pass by those towers, generally increasing penetrating weakly ionization radiation to you and your family.  BTW, anomalous is a scientific way of saying “what the F*&$ was that” and still make you feel like the physicists and electrical engineers actually knew what was happening and that they have a F*&#ing clue where all of that 750,000+ watts of pulsed Doppler radiation is going 24/7 or what it might be doing to you and your family and nature in general.


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