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The Eagle has (Crash)Landed

December 27, 2013

12-26-13 Utah

I was plotting some more fish and bird kills and ran across this article:

Bald eagles dying in northern Utah
At least 12 bald eagles have died this month in northern Utah, The Salt Lake Tribune reported last week, from what is still an unknown cause. Five eagles have died and a sixth was still receiving treatment at a rehabilitation center for “a mysterious malady,” each displaying head tremors and lower extremity paralysis. State wildlife officers have reported another seven eagles found dead in the wild.

An official at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah told the Tribune he was afraid “what we are seeing is only the tip of the iceberg.”

That tower had a malfunction in November with a strange looking reflectivity profile:

Utah Malfunction

Salt Lake City Radar Malfunction in November 2013 overlooking Great Salt Lake where the Eagles Roost.

On November 16th, 2013 KMTX radar in northern Utah suffered another failure with its azimuth rotary joint, a component located in the pedestal assembly up in the radome and vital to dual polarization data products. This is the second time this failure has occurred at this radar in 2013 and such failures are becoming pretty common in the WSR-88 since the upgrade to dual pol.

utah radar

Nov 16th, 2013 KMTX Salt Lake City Doppler Reflectivity during radar malfunction

Maybe they hosed the Eagles with radiation during the malfunction, that is a strange, intense reflection around the tower, possibly indication high emissions


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