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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

December 27, 2013

NEXRAD Safety ReviewClick on the image and you will be taken to a 500 page safety review of NEXRAD/Doppler towers from the early 1990’s.  As you look through it you will see MANY concerned scientists discussing increased chances of cancers, neurological damage and potential ionizing radiation from these towers.  This is the same thing I am seeing in a 50 mile or so radius around the towers, especially where they have overlapped multiple tower broadcast signals.  These towers are damaging and killing biology around them according to my data. Birds, Bees, Bats, Fish, Dolphin, Pelican, Deer, Trees, HUMANS., etc.

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  1. You really have a lot of valuable insight, and I appreciate that you share so much of your findings here. I am not a science major, so if it weren’t for people like yourself and my husband (who kindly takes the time to bring me up to speed so we can talk together about this stuff, and who gave me an appreciation for science), I would be in the dark. Have you considered a youtube channel where you could present the data and explain your findings in detail to the general public -specifically those who might not be aware of how valuable this insight is/might not be “looking” for it? It would definitely make your research more accessible to those not educated in your field of study, and might raise awareness, prompting good discussion and actions.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for visiting. I have tried to communicate through pictures and words and music and thoughts as much as possible with my blog. This site began as really a “thought experiment” on dark energy, which I think is really just our quantum field that surrounds us. I am trying my best to build a mental image in my readers minds of what our senses are really telling us. I have a YouTube channel but it only supports my Google Earth Videos right now, with no voice overs.
      To be honest the whole Doppler thing just fell out of my research and I have concentrated lately on running statistics on my data, at the suggestion of a reader and that has taken a months or so to develop. I did that because I am more interested in solving problems and I am very concerned about all of this microwave radiation from the towers, which appears to me to be triggering ionizing radiation from the atmosphere, which is VERY BAD for everyone if true. I am getting 10-20 countries a day visiting, so the information is getting out. As a chemical engineer, I am stepping way over my discipline onto other’s turf, but, quite frankly, our areas of sciences need to cross over if there is to be a “theory of everything”. I am trying not to take myself too seriously and just let the thoughts and information flow.
      Thanks for following

      • Well, I certainly appreciate the brain-food I am finding here, and I can see I have a lot of looking around and learning to do! Overstepping one’s discipline is the best way I’ve found to becoming more knowledgeable, and it will surely assist in moving you closer to the “theory of everything.”
        Best wishes,

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