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Rejection? (Of the Null Hypothesis)

December 28, 2013
12-27-13 Florida

Florida Fish Kills (2 years), Sinkholes(40 years) and waterspouts(1year ) are all occurring more frequently around Doppler microwave towers.

fish kills

12-27-13 Oklahoma

Oklahoma seismic activity(3 years), sinkholes(1 year) and fish kills(1 year) all appear around Doppler microwave radar stations


I have been running some more statistics on my data in order to raise more awareness in what I see occurring around these Doppler microwave towers.  In my model the atmosphere discharges weakly ionizing vacuum energy all of the time.  Around Doppler stations, these increased vacuum discharges are creating more sinkholes and/or seismic activity during storms/overhead jet streams.  This also happens to be where there are more fish kills and algae blooms, all due to increased “weakly ionized plasma” discharges from above.  See this research paper to get an idea what I am talking about

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