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Oh Quantum God From Above

December 31, 2013

Please let our physicist know that air and water vapor alone cannot do that.

Please let them know they can rub air and water vapor together all day long and will not get that result

Please help them see the error of their ways

Please help them realize where the missing 95% energy in the universe is

Please help them open their eyes

Please oh please our quantum gravitational low energy nuclear decaying God.

Please help them see the strings they cannot see directly behind the clouds but the effects they create in our dimensions that we call “weather phenomena”

Please let them see the branes they attach to and eminate from

Please let them know that you provided all the energy they ever needed and they have been piddling in the 5%  while running and hiding from the 95%

Please give them the strength and knowledge to capture that energy in a safe clean manner

Please let them know that you can create water from nothing more than oxygen in the atmosphere

Thank you Oh Quantum God for ALL that you bring us and the UNCERTAINTY that comes with it.

BTW, that is a pretty cool video. At 0:30 you will see some gravitational waves in the top right of the screen caused from those hidden cosmic strings decohering.


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