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Why Oh Why Did The Oysters Die?

December 31, 2013

Indian River Lagoon MuckTo the Rescue in the Ailing Indian River Lagoon: Oysters

December 30, 2013 | WMFE – Florida’s Indian River Lagoon used to be filled with oysters. But in the mid-1990s they all but vanished. No one knows why. Now Brevard County leaders and environmentalists want to bring oysters back. They think oysters can help save the lagoon.


Metadata   /   Coverage Map

Period of Record:Level-II: 10/16/1991 to 12/30/2013
Level-III: 10/06/1992 to 12/28/2013

It just seems to me the whole place went to hell in a hand basket in the Indian River Lagoon shortly after they installed that NEXRAD radar tower nearby, just like in other areas of the country. I hope those oysters can survive in that muck with that Dual Pol Monster still spewing out microwave radiation 24/7.


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