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No Haven For The Raven

January 1, 2014

hi-bc-130716-raven-8colI decided to explore this paralyzed and dead bird thing a bit more, the biologists are blaming it on West Nile Virus, which is usually caught from Mosquitoes.  I grew up in Maine and, like Utah in the winter, there usually aren’t many mosquitoes around. I know they say the eagles ate the dead birds and the 20,000 dead birds ate all the mosquitoes last fall/summer up in Canada and finally all died at the same time in November in Utah… I guess we can blame everything on Global warming, why not.


“Utah wildlife specialists said bird deaths tied to West Nile virus were unusual in wintertime in Utah since mosquitoes – the primary vector – are not usually active during colder months. McFarlane said Utah had an unusually warm fall that extended the breeding season for mosquitoes to late October. But scientists may ultimately be unable to determine if grebes infected by West Nile virus migrated to Utah or if they contracted it there, she said.”

Dozens of paralyzed ravens and crows were recently found in British Columbia — all have since died

Leona Green, who runs the Hillspring Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Dawson Creek, sounded the alarm after seeing dozens of ravens and crows since May that had paralyzed legs and couldn’t walk or fly. None of the birds survived. As the summer progressed, reports of bird paralysis and mortality increased, with some occurring on Vancouver Island….But what caused the birds to die remains a mystery.  “It could be West Nile virus,” says Brian Starzomski, an assistant professor of environmental studies at the University of Victoria, “but I don’t believe any of these birds have tested positive.” Six of the birds have been sent for testing, but all Green knows so far is that none of them had West Nile virus. Yet with only six birds tested, that possibility can’t be ruled out completely.

Now those symptoms sound much like those dead eagles, some type of neurological damage that has destroyed the birds ability to walk and fly. Many times these birds have BROKEN BONES so it appears to me something took them out INSTANTLY WHILE THEY WERE IN THE AIR.  So I decided to pull up my Google Earth Uncertainty Radar and plot those Raven deaths in British Columbia, which is a pretty big place.

Spirit River CA Doppler

Centers of Green Circles are Pulsed Doppler Weather Radar Stations

1-1-14 Canada

Based on my data and number crunching in Florida, I think these radars are DAMAGING ALL BIOLOGY.  As soon as somebody sends me a copy of that long term study that shows no relationship I will shut up. Until then you are stuck with me.  Feel free to believe what you want.


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