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It is Really Much Worse Than Anybody Realizes

January 5, 2014

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1-5-14 Florida4

Sinkholes, Fish Kills, Waterspouts(mesovortex), Dolphin deaths, Manatee deaths, Pelican Deaths are all clustered around the Doppler Microwave Radar Towers.

My new radar database makes even more sense to me now. THERE ARE 3 RADARS in the Melbourne, Florida area, which explains even more clearly to me the accelerated ionization and decay in the lagoon. Tampa also has three additional radars from what I knew before. The p-Value of my previous null hypothesis just dropped below 0.001.

Guys, I have nothing against the NWS or NOAA or our military, I have the Weather Channel app on my IPhone and most of my data for this research is COMING from Doppler radar.  Neither do I have angst for the military as much as it protects the homeland, my father fought in World War II and I watched his 21 gun salute at his funeral, my mother was in the Marine Corps during the Korean war and my oldest brother is a retired officer from the Marine Corps. I just think we have all missed a very vital energetic vacuum component of our atmosphere which has implications far and wide.

Many of those “Sinkholes” are created from ionized plasma discharges from our atmosphere during severe weather and induced by those pulsed Doppler Towers.  Think of those sinkholes just like the seismic centers to the Northeast of Oklahoma City and you will understand that they ARE CREATED BY THE SAME SOURCE OF ENERGY originating from our atmosphere and energized by those Doppler towers, according to my research.


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