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Quantum Earth Transit Bullseye?

January 5, 2014
Unseen for Decades

Severe Low Pressure systems on Earth made worse by an increased concentration in dark/vacuum energy within our atmosphere

‘Polar vortex’ may bring record-low temps

A dangerous arctic blast will drive swiftly into the heart of the nation beginning Sunday, just as millions of people in the Midwest and Northeast had put a deadly snowstorm and wicked cold snap behind them.

“It’s beyond nostril-hair-freezing weather,” says Michelle Vanden Plas, 40, of St. Paul. “It’s been horrible and it’s going to be even worse. We won’t be able to walk the dogs at all and we take them out in pretty much anything.”

I pulled the following excerpt from the planetary society blog written by a cute geologist
So: Are there more transits of more planets as seen from other planets? Yes. In the time period between 2012 and 2117 (the year of the next Venus transit as seen from Earth), Jupiter will see Venus transit the Sun 15 times, and Earth transit 10 times. Saturn will see 21 Venus and 6 Earth transits. Here’s a few notable upcoming transits:

    • Transit of Venus as seen from Jupiter: September 20, 2012, and then not until May 26, 2024
    • Transit of Earth as seen from Jupiter: January 5, 2014 and then not until January 10, 2026
    • Transit of Venus as seen from Saturn: May 6 and December 21, 2012 and then not until: January 14, 2028
    • Transit of Earth as seen from Saturn: July 20, 2020
    • Transit of Mars as seen from Saturn: May 17, 2024
    • Transit of Jupiter as seen from Saturn: not until March 17, 7571!
Earth Venus Transit

Transit of Earth passing between the Sun and Jupiter: January 5, 2014

So my point is this, the reason for our current severe/cold weather is a combination of a few factors 1) I think ISON increased the local vacuum concentration in our solar system at the end of November, witnessed by all of the ice halos seen over the past month I believe are gravitational lensing and 2) we are TODAY passing directly between The Sun and Jupiter.  If there is a quantum vacuum field connecting Jupiter to the Sun within Jupiter’s solar wind it HAS TO PASS THROUGH AND OR CLOSELY BY THE EARTH TO GET THERE today.

It just so happens that the Sun just fired an asymmetrical (NOT A GOOD SIGN)  CME (When looking from Earth towards the Sun) at the Earth and there is another HUGE sunspot coming around in our direction at the same time with 30% chance of X class solar flares today.

1-5-14 hmi3796

From  That Sunspot is MUCH MUCH bigger than the Earth


From – Yesterday’s CME

FLARES LIKELY TODAYGiant sunspot AR1944 has developed a ‘beta-gamma-delta’ magnetic field that harbors energy for potent Earth-directed eruptions. NOAA forecasters estimate a 75% chance of M-class flares and a 30% chance of X-flares on Jan. 5th. Solar flare alerts: textvoice.

CME, POSSIBLY INCOMING: A coronal mass ejection (CME) might be heading for Earth. The cloud blasted away from the sun during the late hours of Jan 4th following a long-duration M4-class solar flare from big sunspot AR1944. SOHO (the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) recorded the explosion:

Part of the weirdness of all of this is that the crop circle dudes are trying to figure out the meaning of that crop circle that cropped(pun) up in California last week, which may be a fake, I do not know.


Some think it may be a warning. I am not sure, but based upon my vision of the way this place works, look for increased uncertainty on Earth as the local concentration of dark/vacuum energy increases, leading to increased ionization, condensing, collapse and decay. Increased Uncertainty = Increased Severe Weather, Sinkholes, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, etc.


Sun’s 11-Year Cycle Caused by Dark Matter, Say Physicists 

The way the planets influence the flow of dark matter into the Sun could explain one of the biggest mysteries in science, say particle physicists 

They were a little behind me, but that is OK, they have a lot on their minds…

Caught in the Quantum Crossfire

Think of it like playing a game of quantum “Monkey in the Middle” and you will get the idea…


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