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The Fox and The Hare

January 7, 2014

downloadI am just passing on a snippet of a very good article, Read the Complete article HERE

Abe Liboff, a former editor of Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, told us that there is now “extensive evidence connecting a wide range of human illnesses” to geomagnetic perturbations at levels of 0.1 µT (1 mG). “Claims relating to electromagnetic sensitivity, for the most part ignored by the scientific community, should be reevaluated,” he said. Liboff is writing a book on biological sensitivity to the Earth’s magnetic field.

In a recent paper, Liboff suggests that evolution found a way for organisms to respond to weak magnetic fields in order to help them “maintain their biological clock.”

As the narrator tells us, the fox can locate a mouse even when hidden under a deep pile of snow. It’s tempting to attribute a fox’s success to a keen sense of hearing or smell, but it turns out to be more complicated than that. A German-Czech team of researchers has found that red foxes have an added advantage: They can use the Earth’s magnetic field to home in on their target.

Physicists have supplied the bedrock for the idea that there can be no low-level field effects. For instance, 50/60 Hz magnetic fields, like those from power lines, simply cannot have biological impacts. It’s simple, they say, it’s impossible.

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