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What Do You Get

January 8, 2014

(F) are 2012/2013 tens of thousands of Fish Kills Due to Algae/Red Tide/Hypoxia. Lots of dead manatees, dolphin and pelican also. 1-8-14 Doppler reflectivity from NWS

When you cross the streams of 10, pulsed, high power government weather, aviation and military Doppler microwave radar towers 24/7 over the Indian River Lagoon for over two years?

A Low Country Quagmire Stew.


Fish, Dolphin, Oyster, Pelican, Manatee, Brown Algae (for flavor), salt water, nitrogen, phosphorous, Muck

Cook on low for two years utilizing the following microwave radiators:

Callsign: J-05A
Melbourne, Florida, USA
USAF: Eastern Air Defense Sector RADAR
FAA: ASO Southern

FAA Long Range RADAR Site
Melbourne FAA Long Range Radar Site
Latitude: 28.076389
Longitude: -80.506111
Exclusion Zone: 10 nautical miles

750,000 Watt Pulsed Microwave Radar

Seven more between Patrick Air Force Base and Cape Canaveral.

Don’t worry it is non-ionizing, just ask them.  You should have enough dead & diseased animals to feed the entire county.

I am running some new statistics, over 3 years, which I will post, but it is not looking good. What if there was a component to the atmosphere that was already weakly ionizing? Would that affect things?

Who/What is for dessert?

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  1. talesfromthelou permalink

    Stewart, how do you get anyone to listen to you?

    • Good, Question. Here are my actions thoughts so far

      1) I have been getting people from 15-20 countries a day reading so awareness is out there
      2) I have sent emails to other researches, government officials, responses have appeared sincere (if I received one) however I am not sure what they are actually doing anything about it, if anything
      3) I have posted lots of stuff on news blogs
      4) My posts on my blog automatically go to twitter/facebook
      5) I have a biologist helping me with the statistics, which so far back what I am seeing in Florida. That data may/will be published somewhere in February (not just on this blog)
      6) I have a book going on Amazon within a week.
      7) I might throw it out on kickstarter to get some pre-book sales
      8) There is a MAJOR problem on the West coast (and East) right now with starfish wasting, I think it is the radars and I have told that to researchers.
      9) I have told the autism researchers and USGS wildlife researchers, they have listened and responded to me.
      10) Unless somebody actually set down and plotted all of these fish kills/sinkholes etc for a year like I did along with radar stations I am not sure they would even be aware of the correlation, I wasn’t, I just stumbled on it after 6 months.
      11) We have >1000% increase in autism in this country and other countries and that IS TRAGIC. I think we are doing it to ourselves.
      12) All I can do is all I can do.
      13) I appreciate you spreading the word/awareness.

  2. talesfromthelou permalink

    I mean, this site is updated every 30 minutes. Eartquake global activity. As I was watching light up with ~major seismic activity on ALL reporting stations, the feed cut off for maintenance.

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