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Quantum Earthquake Model Still Batting 1000

January 13, 2014

Midwest 7 Earthquakes - All MagnitudesSo far so good, my quantum earthquake Doppler spacetime wrinkler model is still batting 1000.  All Eleven seismic events over the past week in the Midwest have been within 50 miles of Doppler Radar Towers.  In general, the more towers, the more Earthquakes. I am thinking maybe a combination of water underground along with vacuum disturbances discharging from the overhead atmosphere work together to trigger the quakes through sudden flash/vacuum evaporation.  Of course I might just be making that up…I am thinking something similar might be going on in the ocean when those beaked whales surface and strand with concussions and such.

Puerto Rico

Isn’t that a lot of Doppler Radars and a lot of Earthquakes for a little old island like Puerto Rico??


From → Geophysics

  1. Could you also add what percentage of total land is within 50 miles of radars. Also where are the known fault lines.

    • Will do, many of the radars are overlapping (9 in some areas) so I will need to write some code based upon lat, Lon and subtract out overlap so it is not counted multiple times


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