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I am Not a Smart Man

January 14, 2014
1-14-14b Florida

Just building my case. I Added in Yellow Pins, 2012/2013 Fish Kills Due to Deformities, Disease, Lesions/Ulcers, Parasites. p-Value still <0.01 For Null Hypothesis “No relationship between Doppler Microwave location within 50 miles of fish kills” 10,000 iterations >1000 data tags, 29 Doppler Towers

1-14-14 Florida

If fish kill numbers were solely linked to human population, Gainsville, FL would have higher fish kills and Melbourne (29th largest city) would have much lower kills.  Large number of Manatees and Dolphins died in Melbourne, Fl also.

1-14-14 Virginia

Hundreds of Dead/Stranded Dolphins in Virginia, Many within 50 miles of Seven High Powered Microwave Radars.  All Fish Kills in NC and Virginia in 2013 I tracked were within 50 miles of Doppler Towers

The largest dolphin die-off in Virginia history is a puzzle for researchers and the topic of an upcoming VIMS lecture.

Margaret Lynott, manager of the Stranding Response Program at the Virginia Aquarium, will address the stranding epidemic at 7 p.m. on Jan. 30 in Waterman’s Hall at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science inGloucester Point. So far, more than 1,000 bottlenose dolphin have died along the mid-Atlantic coast, most of them in Virginia. The deaths are believed caused by a morbillivirus, similar to measles in humans and distemper in canines.

Basically I think the atmosphere is a “weakly ionized plasma” conductor due to its quantum vacuum field discharging the Sun’s energy. This is also what causes “St. Elmo’s Fire”.  Much of the pulsed energy from those microwave towers, which is many megawatts due to the overlap is being conducted into those waterways.  Salt water is a good conductor and I think the dolphins are getting bathed in this ionized bath, which damages immune systems.  It is a chronic situation, 24/7 around these pulsed towers.

Best I can figure, but I am not a smart man.

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