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Thing 1 & Thing 2 Lensing Cleansing Thinga Jimmigy?

January 19, 2014

MYSTERIOUS MOON HALOS OVER FINLAND: Luminous halos around the Moon are nothing unusual, especially in wintertime Finland where the air is so often filled with ice. Crystals of frozen H2O catch the moonlight and bend it into a circular ring of light. A few nights ago, however, Sauli Koski of Muonio, Finland, witnessed a halo that was not circular, but elliptical: “On Jan. 15th, the weather changed. As the temperature dropped from -7C to -37C, there were all kinds of ice halos to photograph,” says Koski. “The best and rarest were these elliptical forms that lasted more than 20 minutes.”

Although physicists have been studying ice halos for decades, not all are understood.Elliptical halos are one of the puzzles,” says atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley. ” We can simulate them by invoking hexagonal plate-like crystals topped by almost flat pyramid faces.  However, the simulations do not fit very well and such crystals are unphysical. Crystal facets like to form along planes where there are lots of atoms or molecules – almost flat pyramids do not fit the bill at all.    Perhaps some peculiar distorted snowflake types instead?” “These mysteries all add to the spice of halo observing, the beautiful, the unexpected, the unexplained, something new!”

So to me, it appears there are possibly two cosmic strings of differing mass/energy causing that lensing between the photographer and the moon due to the two superimposed images. I am not exactly sure of their orientation, but that will be a tremendous amount of dark/vacuum energy if I am correct.  The optical physicist is at a loss to try and explain that elliptical shape of those strings, which is similar to the elliptical shape of those lensing strings witnessed during Hurricane Sandy. The hexagonal ice crystals are a by-product of these strings as they both extract entropy/condense the surrounding atmosphere at the same time they are decaying through quantum decoherence and triggering what we humans call the “Weather”.  You will also notice that the temperature dropped sharply as the strings condensed and cooled the surrounding gas.

koski_strip lensing

Unfortunately for humans, these strings are also ionizing and condensing US as they decohere into the Earth, causing what we call “AGING”, which is really not a function of “Time”, which does not exist, but a function of the amount of this vacuum energy we are surrounded by at any given time..  They will also weaken and decay Earthen matter wherever they enter, triggering seismic events if the stress conditions are right within the Earth.  As we pass between the Sun and other planets we get an increase in this vacuum energy and more severe weather.  It appears to me a large flare or comet can really upset the quantum vacuum apple cart as local vacuum levels increase.

Here is a good, recent research paper on cosmic strings.  You will see they mention that “A source might be microlensed twice by two different length strings”.


 I think that may be occurring in that photo.  During Hurricane Sandy, there were even more strings creating elliptical lenses and ionizing and condensing their surroundings, creating one hell of an atmospheric “disturbance”.  At least we know now why we are all here on Earth for just a very short “time”.

Here is a video for you to remember my slightly inverted version of our world so that you don’t take me too seriously.

Hint: Super Thing = Superstring? Get it? Got it? Go get it.

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