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CitrusCankerCatastrophe (Say 5 times fast)

January 19, 2014
Citrus Canker GE

Citrus Cancer Locations in Florida (Red Areas). Doppler Radars are colored Circles

Even before being hit by the disease, Florida’s orange, grapefruit and specialty fruit crops faced many threats, including hurricanes, frost and a fungus that causes canker disease. The crops have been declining since the mid-1990s.[Most of the NEXRAD & TDWR Radars were all installed in the Early to mid 1990’s]

It is hard for me to believe nobody has done any long term studies on these Radars. It appears to me they may be damaging all biology around them in a VERY BIG and chronic way.Must be lots of money to be made in radars, much less to be made in 10 year studies.

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