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About all my Budget would Afford

January 20, 2014


If you use your imagination just a bit, you might imagine at least two strings in this video, orbiting at close to perpendicular to each other like that previous research paper I posted mentioned.  Those streaky clouds/contrails are the condensing that is occurring at their “surface” as the gaseous atmosphere passes around the strings and as they decay  The halo is from gravitational lensing of the Sun and the two “Sun Dogs” are lensed pairs. The extreme condensation, probably all the way to a Bose Einstein Condensate along the surface of those strings are creating the hexagonal ice crystals.

This video shows a couple of lensed pairs from what I can tell.  I think you can tell the energy of that string by the diameter of that lens around the Sun.  My calculator does not have that function built in, but here is a good research paper on cosmic strings.  There is no way you are going to convince me hexagonal ice crystals are making that circumhorizontal arc.  Those massive strings appear to align themselves “gravitatively” (I like that word) between the Earth Brane and Solar Brane.  I am thinking that over the next months those strings decay into the jet streams and form our low pressure weather systems as they gradually break up and decay around us.

I don’t have the budget for a fancy 2 billion dollar magnetometer so I have to resort to Youtube and let my mind fill in the blanks. Others on the Internet are calling these “chemtrails”, but quite honestly I do not see a very good return on investment in spraying chemicals in the atmosphere 24/7, it takes a lot of jet fuel and chemicals. I am thinking it is these strings from our decaying quantum gravity field that are the reason we are all here as well as the reason we are not around here for very long. We seem to be caught in a never-ending cosmic wash and rinse cycle between our 5% and the other 95%.  I am not ruling out a quantum God Brane of the universe, because, quite frankly, if I am right, I could not have come up with this by myself. My ball cap is off to the string theory dudes (and crop circle dudes…) if this happens to be correct, if not I hope you at least enjoy my search and don’t live near a Doppler radar tower…


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