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Southern Quantum Hospitality

January 29, 2014

1-28-14 AtlantaI am a little foggy today, I got caught up in that quantum uncertainty yesterday in Atlanta, I spent 9 1/2 hours in traffic (a trip that usually takes 40 minutes), because a low pressure system snuck up on Atlanta and left an inch sheet of ice on the highways within the period of just a few hours.  I walked the last 1/4 mile to my home at 12:45 AM this morning.  So I got up this morning and went sledding with the boys, but I could not help but look at the overhead Sun.  What I noticed was all of the whispy cirrus clouds oriented towards the Sun and the Ice Halo and Sun Dog around it.

photo (5)

1-29-14 Cirrus Clouds, Ice Halo and Sun Dog around Atlanta Sun. (Hard to see the Sun Dog in the picture but it was visible on the left side.

I noticed that during the day, the cirrus clouds appeared to follow the Sun.  If you looked in the other directions the sky was crisp and blue.  But those cirrus clouds followed the Sun throughout the day.  So here is what I think. As I said before, those whispy cirrus clouds are really like condensed water particle tracks in the sky from these strings and decaying particles making up our quantum vacuum gravity field.  Since there is a tremendous amount of energy curled up in them, forming these strings, maybe as much or more than the Earth, they gravitationally align themselves with the Sun as it tracks across the sky.  They are sort of orbiting between the Earth and Sun in our atmosphere. The more energy contained within those strings, the greater the low pressure disturbances.  This morning, the strings had most likely decayed and had less energy than the day before when they condensed the sky over Atlanta, plummeting the temperatures and putting the city into a deep freeze through ionization, condensing and unfortunately a little extra decay, what we call the “weather”.  You have to really think about what kind of energy source can remove all of the heat from an area and plunge it into an immediate deep freeze. That is our 95% quantum vacuum field. Fortunately my new Ford F150 was up for most of the 20 mile challenge, I only had to walk the last 1/4 of a mile at 12:30 AM this morning.

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