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PhysorcistOrigamiArt? (Say 5 Times Fast)

January 30, 2014
photo 1

I am trying to bend the solar system….

Click to access 200TOAAJ.pdf

photo 2

I had to overlap the paper a lot more than my original cut. My 11 year old showed me what to do…

Click to access 1311.7132v1.pdf

Hurricane Sandy

Image credit and copyright: David Hathaway/NASA/MSFC

There appears to be multiple massive strings, I have only shown one.  When multiple strings are tangled they really give Earth an ass whooper’n


The apparition is almost certainly connected to hurricane Sandy. The core of the storm swept well north of Alabama, but Sandy’s outer bands did pass over the area, leaving behind a thin haze of ice crystals in cirrus clouds. Sunlight shining through the crystals produced an unusually rich variety of ice halos. “By my count, there are two sun dogs, a 22o halo, a parahelic circle, an upper tangent arc, and a parry arc,” says Chris Brightwell, who also photographed the display. “It was amazing.” “Very impressive,” agreed onlooker Kyle Winkleman. “This was a once-in-a-decade event for our area.”

It might not be necessary to wait another decade for a repeat performance. Some researchers believe that superstorms will become more common in the years ahead as a result of climate change, creating new things both terrible and beautiful to see overhead. Sky watchers in the storm zone should remain alert for the unusual.UPDATE: Atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley comments on the Sandy-ice halo link: “Over the last few days there have been spectacular halo displays around the edge of Sandy from New England to Alabama. Hathaway’s image like many others shows several very rare halo arcs, an upper Lowitzhelic and Parry supralateral.”


I am trying my best as I go and as I learnt more each day of my life and wake up with these perplex’n thoughts rattl’n round tween my ears – fOrreST gUmp.


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