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Where are we, what the Hell?

January 30, 2014

Melatonin Roundway23July11

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In the current survey, we summarize the published literature which supports the use of melatonin, an endogenously produced molecule, as a protective agent against chronic, low-level ionizing radiation. Under in vitro conditions, melatonin uniformly was found to protect cellular DNA and plasmid super coiled DNA from ionizing radiation damage due to Cs137 or X-radiation exposure. Likewise, in an in vivo/in vitro study in which humans were given melatonin orally and then their blood lymphocytes were collected and exposed to Cs137ionizing radiation, nuclear DNA from the cells of those individuals who consumed melatonin (and had elevated blood levels) was less damaged than that from control individuals. In in vivo studies as well, melatonin given to animals prevented DNA and lipid damage (including limiting membrane rigidity) and reduced the percentage of animals that died when they had been exposed to Cs137 or Co60 radiation. Melatonin’s ability to protect macromolecules from the damage inflicted by ionizing radiation likely stems from its high efficacy as a direct free radical scavenger and possibly also due to its ability to stimulate antioxidative enzymes. Melatonin is readily absorbed when taken orally or via any other route. Melatonin’s ease of self administration and its virtual absence of toxicity or side effects, even when consumed over very long periods of time, are essential when large populations are exposed to lingering radioactive contamination such as occurs as a result of an inadvertent nuclear accident, an intentional nuclear explosion or the detonation of a radiological dispersion device, i.e., a “dirty” bomb.


Chronic, Low Level Radiation From 3 High Powered Doppler Radars in Melbourne, FL?


Tampa Too

I suggest Melatonin for all Florida tourists, especially Melbourne and Tampa. Also, I suggest spoonfeeding Melatonin to starfish on the West Coast.

Constraints on Superconducting Cosmic Strings from Early Reionization

I think them there invisible strings are conducting some of that there Doppler microwave radiation into that there Indian River Lagoon and gradualistically electrifying them there Dolphins and Manatees and Fish and maybe even them there children and grandpappy and grandmommy.  Somebody needs to take a real close look at that there problem and rule out that there possibility. OK?

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