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MilwaukeeMirageMiracle(Say 5 Times Fast)

February 13, 2014

Mirage of Milwaukee from beyond the horizon

I grabbed this article from here. What I wanted to show was that many of these mirages are not just lensing and bending and magnifying light, they are also bending electromagnetic microwave radiation from the Doppler radars.  This is not just an optical effect, these strings of vacuum in our atmosphere are gravitationally bending the entire electromagnetic spectrum.  They are creating the cold inversion of gas in the atmosphere because they are “pulling a vacuum” and dropping the local pressure and temperature along their path. We are all getting vacuum formed by our quantum field, one atom at a time.

“Directly across the lake from Grand Haven — but well beyond the horizon — is Milwaukee, over 80 miles away,” Rickards spokesman Tom Dingle said recently. “On an occasion in 1977, a temperature inversion over Lake Michigan created a superior mirage, and the lights of Milwaukee’s skyline became clearly visible across the water, bent from beyond the horizon by layers of cold air in the atmosphere.”

Rickards is developing a video that will weave together spoken recollections of the mirages of the Wisconsin shoreline, as seen by residents of Grand Haven. “This strange and rare event happens only when specific atmospheric circumstances occur, conjuring the image of Milwaukee from beyond the horizon through a precise combination of atmospheric layers at differing temperatures,” Dingle said. “The result is an immaterial image of a city hanging above the surface of the lake.” This also happens on very rare occasion to the lights of Cleveland going across the lake to Ontario, Canada.

  1. Pamela Kellogg says:

    I’m looking at the lights from Wisconsin right now — spectacular! I first heard about this rare occurence when we moved out to the lake about 6 years ago but I was very skeptical. It is, after all, 80 miles away? At first glance I wondered what kind of fish could be drawing so many fishing boats this night. Then,after studying the horizon, I realized these could not be boats. Very cool!

  2. Cort S. says:

    There seems to be a lot of anomalous propagation and beam ducting taking place on regional radars tonight, especially at Chicago:

    The radar beam is being bent or refracted down to the ground by the atmosphere, and is picking up echoes off the ground, which the radar is interpreting as a big shield of weak echoes and spikes surrounding the radar site.

    Grand Rapids radar also had some anomalous propagation and ducting around the time of the superior mirage:

    Upper left: Reflectivity
    Lower left: Base velocity
    Upper right: Differential Reflectivity (dual-pol product)
    Lower right: Correlation Coefficient (dual-pol product)

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