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Strange skies: Frog falls, heavenly mirages & great balls of fire

February 13, 2014

More Weird Vacuum Stuff…


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In our everyday lives, we have certain expectations about the natural world in which we live. We expect that when it clouds over and rains, for example, we will get wet. When we stand atop a mountain in the dark of night, we will see the stars shimmering brightly above and perhaps the glimmer of city lights below in the distance. When we sit on the verandah on a warm summer’s night, our lunar companion will appear suspended in position while it inches its way across the night sky.

But sometimes, nature throws us a curve ball.

It’s raining … mud, fish & frogs

When rain ain’t just wet.

On 28 December 1896, the Bendigo Advertiser reported on a curious weather event that had occurred the previous day. A shower of…

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