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March 5, 2014

Morbillivirus in Dolphins


White Nose Syndrome in Bats


Eagle with Nervous System Damage/West Nile Virus


Sea Star Wasting



Morbillivirus in Whales

Dead-and-dying-monarch-butterflies (1)

Butterflies Disappearing

bees-frame_1726405c (1)

Colony Collapse Disorder


Seal Pup Wasting

They should come after us

From → Biology, Geophysics

  1. jzues permalink

    Click to access SONAR_+Emerging_risk_insights_from_Swiss_Re.pdf

    This is you spreading the info to the whird~

    • Thanks,

      They touch on the electromagnetic risk. Our governments and corporations have all created one huge experiment with these high-powered microwave radar towers and Earth’s biology and I believe it is failing miserably. Many radars have been installed for 25 years now and I cannot find ANY long term biological studies on these Doppler radars. Based upon my data in Florida and the sinkholes(dissolved limestone), diseased biology, electromagnetic shock signatures in dolphins, citrus canker sores, waterspouts, etc. all around the microwave radar towers, the risk is huge and we are already living it. This train has gone way down the track…I am a chemical engineer so I chalk it up to dumbass electrical engineers and geophysicists that think you can just pulse millions of watts of power 24/7 into the atmosphere and not have an effect on surrounding biology. They blame everything on global warming because they can’t come up with a better idea why all biology is suffering. And our leading physicists (Michio Kaku) are recommending developing countries install more microwave towers… Our grandparents can’t remember who we are and our children are born with brain damage. This is a sad state of affairs. Thanks for following. Stewart

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