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Quick, Everybody Rush to Florida!

March 5, 2014

Before the radars DISSOLVE IT

Florida Sinkhole Map

3-5-14 Florida 4

Microwave Radars are Green/Red Round Circles. Sinkholes are green/red spots. (F)ish Kills (2012-2013) due to hypoxia

3-5-14 Florida

(F)ish are dying from hypoxia in same locations as limestone is dissolving and houses are collapsing. Oxidative stress in waterways & algae blooms.

3-5-14 Florida 2

Sinkholes around radars in Brevard same locations as the (F)ish, Dolphins and Manatees are dying

3-5-14 Florida 3

Ditto in South Florida

3-5-14 Talahassee

Tallahassee appears to be in a “State of Decay”

I suggest you wear the following attire

tin-foil-hatAnd don’t stay toooooooooo loooooong (or you will dissolve also)

tin-foil-hat (1)

  1. Awesome! But also very telling… We are headed there soon, but fortunately are not staying too, too long. I must say I miss life there… Thanks for all your work!

    • Our family loves it there too. You might choose a “low flux zone” based on my maps…:)
      Thanks for following

      • Haha! Thanks. And we will be sure to bring ample tinfoil as well!

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