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Just More of The Explainable Unexplainable

March 11, 2014

Ice Halos over Chile During Time Frame of Large Earthquake in 1997

* Cubic ice crystals have been proposed to explain the photos in Chile in 1997.This explanation is not sufficiently validated and has some weaknesses, but it is the best of all that is. Observation of 1997 was unique, nothing like this has ever been described and found nowhere ranee.Dostoverno knows only one thing: hexagonal crystals it is impossible to explain

The 1997 Punitaqui earthquake occurred at 01:03 UTC on October 15. It had an estimated magnitude of 7.1. This earthquake was one of the most destructive in the epicentral area compared to other events of subduction of the same size. The extensive damage to structures was the result of an amplification effect on the ground and the poor quality of building materials, this reflects the potential for damage incurred in an intraplate earthquake with vertical fault and how it can be much greater than what which can cause one of interplate of similar magnitude, and caused severe damage in Chilean cities of La SerenaOvalleIllapel andPunitaqui.[1]

I am keeping it short and simple.  Our quantum vacuum field made up of energetic strings of vacuum energy gravitationally aligned between the Sun and Earth and created the hexagonal ice crystals through ionization of oxygen combined with protons in the atmosphere.  The halos are from gravitational lensing from the string(s) as well as refraction of light through the crystals.  The strings have tension and are aligning the ice crystals as they oscillate and dec

ay.  The quantum vacuum field also ionized and accelerated the decay of Earthen matter in the area leading to the large Earthquake as the fault decayed and

Very simple, no big words or other mumbo jumbo. It is the missing 95% energy. It absorbs and bends doppler radiation, it causes “clear air turbulence” and lowgetImage pressure disturbances and many of the crazy things that occur in this life in our 3 dimensions.  It scatters and attenuates that Doppler radiation and throws it right back at us, which is very bad for biology. You physicists should know better, but you are promoting that same microwave technology that is killing us and our children. ruptured.

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