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Uni is Very P!$$&D at US

March 11, 2014

sea urchinI guess maybe I am in a bad mood tonight. I am not sure why, but my research makes me laugh at times, cry at other times and also get very angry, all signs that I should probably go up in my medication.  I have worked in industry for 28 years designing thermodynamic stuff and chemical stuff and power stuff, which is really cool and all, but after that amount of time I can close my eyes and do energy balances and mass balances in my head.  I am used to working with parts and pieces of information from all sorts of places in order to do a design.  I think that is why it is easy for me to grab some research from here and a bit from there and cobble this theory together, which again is really just a “bastardized” version of M theory, which probably makes most physicists cringe.  Maybe I am mad because my book only sold three copies in the first month and one of those copies was my wife.  I was hoping my book proceeds would offset my capital outlay in my “Search for Dark Matter/Energy” which now totals $189 – $14 = $175 (US) plus a lot of sweat equity.  I noticed the high energy physics guys  got $789.6 million for physical year 2014, I sure hope they find something.  Here’s one for you:  A hurricane releases 1.3 x 1017 Joules/day or 1.5 x 1012Watts. This is equivalent to about half the world-wide electrical generating capacity! Maybe you guys ought to start there like I did a couple of years ago, in your hunt for the illusive dark energy. Here is a hint for you…….

(maybe its our inflating and decaying quantum vacuum gravity field)

Anyway, what really made me mad tonight was that I was thinking back to our two family trips to Hawaii when our kids were very small (they are 10 & 11 now). Hawaii is a very beautiful place and we did a lot of snorkeling with the kids, which actually makes me happy but the next part makes me mad.  I started Googling and reading up on sea star wasting and it took me to the instance of sea urchins dying in Hawaii:

While conducting a recent diving tour along Kaua‘i’s southern coast, a diver made an alarming discovery: a field of dead heart sea urchins on the ocean floor.“ It’s a massive die off of urchins,” said Linda Marsh, owner of Bubbles Below Kaua‘i dive company. “This is a dive site we normally go to, and this die off is a sudden thing. We have seen evidence of it miles away.” Marsh, the veteran diver who made the find, called in a report on Feb. 3 to Don Heacock, Kaua‘i’s biologist for the state Department of Land and Natural Resources Division of Aquatic Resources and to Thierry Work, wildlife disease specialist for the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Wildlife Health Center in Honolulu. “We’re always concerned when urchins die because of what happened in the Caribbean,” Work said. “The Caribbean has lost 80 percent of its coral. The massive coral die off was preceded by a massive die off of urchins. They are a keystone species and an early warning system for large-scale changes in the ocean.”

Marsh led Work and Heacock to the dive site on Feb. 5, and the biologists began a two-day field investigation that included surveys and sample collections. They documented 149 urchin shells littering a 25- by 4-meter sandy stretch, Work’s USGS Port Allen trip report states. Sixty-eight percent of the mortalities were skewed to the smaller (younger) classes. Dead urchins were found 241 meters southwest and 147 meters southeast of their dive boat moored offshore but, ultimately, the area was too large to fully survey, even with underwater scooters. Based upon their observations and available data, they estimate 52,000 individual heart urchins have recently died off.

Lawsuits filed

On the west side of Kauai, people are getting sick, and two separate lawsuits have been filed by residents of the town of Waimea. One lawsuit that represents 150 people alleges that Pioneer, in its cultivation practices, has allowed pesticides and pesticide laden dust to escape and infiltrate into people’s homes for the last 10 years.

Kids taken ill at School

The spraying of pesticides by Syngenta near Waimea Canyon Middle school has been suspected in causing children and teachers to become sick on several occasions between 2006 and 2008. In one incident at least 10 children collapsed and were sent to the hospital.An investigation was launched to find out why. Syngenta has denied that their spraying of pesticides was the culprit. Instead they claim that the plant “Stinkweed” was to blame for people becoming sick, not their GMO fields or use of pesticides that borders right up to the school. In speaking with some of the locals in Waimea, no one recalls stinkweed ever being an issue in the community.

Mystery of the Dead Heart Sea Urchins

In February 2012, between Waimea and Hanapepe on Kauai, a local dive company discovered a massive, sudden die off of heart sea urchins. It was estimated that approximately 52,000 sea urchins were dead on the ocean floor along the south side of island. Considering that the GMO fields are in abundance along the west and southwestern shores of Kauai, it is reasonable to look at GMO and pesticide run off as one possibility for the sudden die-off. An investigation was conducted by the State Department of Land and Natural Resources and USGS. However, testing the sea urchins for exposure to pesticides or GMOs was never done, and the results of the investigation were inconclusive for the sudden die-off.

Kauai Doppler Illness

Diseased Sea Urchins and Sick Children/Humans Underneath Doppler Reflectivity between >10 Radars pulsing over 10,000,000 watts of microwave radiation 24/7

Kauai Radars

Kauai Missile Tracking. That is a S&^%load of radars

Guys, this is not climate change, IT IS THE MICROWAVE RADARS. You better wake up real fast

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