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Black Betty

March 25, 2014

I am trying to get all of this out of my system before I turn 50. Play Loudly.

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  1. I liked it… how old are these guys?

    • Something very classic about that song. I am reliving my youth on this blog. They must be in their 70’s? Latest Wikipedia Update:

      Ram Jam: Bill Bartlett still plays guitar, but in the early ’90s transformed himself into a boogie-woogie piano player. He also plays banjo, harmonica, slide guitar, and has written dozens of songs. Santoro still plays professionally in various bands in New York, and teaches music in a public school on Long Island. Scavone, who now resides in New Jersey, after many years detached from the music industry, recorded a CD of 12 songs, both originals and cover versions with his former teenage garage rock band called The Doughboys. It was featured at the 40th Reunion of John Zacherle’s Disc-O-Teen in 2004, which coincided with Zacherle’s 84th birthday. The CD, entitled Is It Now included liner notes by John Hawkins, the original keyboard and piano player for The Nashville Teens.

      Howie Blauvelt died in 1993,[2] whilst Pete Charles (full name Peter Charles Picardio) died in 2002.[3] Scavone continues to write and record original music with The Doughboys.

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