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Updated Radar Database

March 26, 2014
3-26-14 Melbourne

(F)ish Kills 2012-2013 due to hypoxia. If it were me, I would throw the kids in the car and drive away, but that is just me.

You can download my latest Google Earth microwave radar database at this link.  I also placed my 2012 2013 Florida Fish Kill database at the same link so you can download and compare. The microwave radars are reflecting/bending off the overhead atmosphere, clouds, etc according to my research and the atmosphere is more ionizing and causing hypoxia and oxidative stress in all biology in the entire area around those overlapping radars. I am an industrial/environmental chemical engineer and not a professional research scientist so I do not ask you to believe me. I have forwarded my data to others.

Also, I found even more high powered radars in the area.  That radar salesman must have made presidents club a few years in a row.


You can overlay this graphic in Google Earth to create the image I uploaded.  Also, if you want to download the NWS Doppler radar reflectivity mosaic you can get it from here.

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