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Back to the Future

April 4, 2014



CBC Radars


CBC Radars2


The Parkinson’s secret

Waiting 16 months for Michael J. Fox’s people to call his people, documentary director and journalist Jerry Thompson stumbled upon a medical mystery.

Thompson had been commissioned by Canadian television to make a documentary about Fox, that country’s favourite son, who had recently announced that he had Parkinson’s disease.

Dr Calne said there were at least three other people among the 50-odd crew from the television series Leo and Me, where Fox landed his first role in 1976, who had developed Parkinson’s.

It dawned on Thompson that he might know one of those people. His hunch was confirmed, and eventually his detective work led him to the others. He realised that four people from a crew of 50 contracting the same illness was an odd anomaly.

Don S. Williams

In 1993, Williams was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease – a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system. In March 2002, a small flurry of media interest erupted when it was revealed by documentary film-maker Gerry Thompson (for the Canadian broadcaster CTV) that Don was one of four people who worked together at the CBC in 1979 (the most famous being Michael J. Fox) who would all later go on to not only develop Parkinson’s Disease, but to have the symptoms appear at roughly the same time (the early 1990s). Current evidence suggests that as many as eight crew and cast members on the project have developed Parkinson’s symptoms.

This unusual coincidence led to the suggestion that Parkinson’s may possibly have some sort of environmental trigger.

Thus, during the week of March 22–29, 2002, Williams and his doctor were interviewed by Good Morning AmericaABC NewsNBC NewsEntertainment TonightAccess HollywoodCNNPeople Magazine,MacLean’s Magazine, CTV and The New York Times.


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  1. Michael permalink

    Don’t forget, Mr. Fox was heavy promoting soda light (Back to the Future), containing Aspartame, which is claimed to change into a neuropoison, when overheated. Maybe, he consumed it too, maybe in heavy quantities, i don’t know, but it seems reasonable to me. So, there could be many factors that come together to become diseased.

    Always love to read your blog. Sorry, that it took so long for me, to show up here again.


    • He was part of a cluster of Parkinson’s cases “These people worked together here in Vancouver from 1976 to 1980”

      Also, the FDA did not approve Aspartame until 1981.The safety of aspartame has been the subject of several political and medical controversies,congressional hearings and Internet hoaxes[3] [4] [5] since its initial approval for use in food products by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1981.[6] :2

      Also, it fits my theory that the atmosphere is a “Quantum Flux Capacitor”….:)

      Thanks for hanging around.


      Read the original source:

      On Monday, April 7, 2014, Dark Matters a Lot wrote:


      • Michael permalink

        Hi Stewart,

        i believe you are right, with your theory about the serious effects of pulsed microwave radiation from everywhere. I just wanted to add, that countless other factors like aspartame, triclosan, radioactive contamination, airpollution …, weaken our immunesystem or even let it act against our own body. We live in a world, where too much dangers to our health are present and accumulate to a level that overwhelms all our natural defenses. My guess is, that humanity will not survive longer than 10-15 years from now on.


  2. Thanks,
    I think it is right, I have been staring at that Google Earth map for a year and a half trying to figure this out. We have signs of chronic wasting in biology around Cape Canaveral, White Sands, Kauai and Guam and all of those sites have 10,000,000 watts plus of pulsed microwaves. I think nature is screaming in our face. Many neurological diseases are rising. I am not a gloom and doom person but I think we have taken this cart down the wrong path for the past 75 years or so and we have senior physicists running around telling everyone to install more microwave towers. It makes me really mad as I think about what may have transpired. I was asked to supply my data to senior researchers and I have done. I am not sure what will come of that. I am going to continue to do my thing.
    Thanks for following

  3. Also, I agree with your concern about chemicals, with the caveat that everything gets mo bad once it is microwaved.

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