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Why Humanity is Stalled Out and Going Backwards

April 14, 2014

Michio Kaku: “That’s why we need role models: to tell people that science could be exciting, you can get a job doing science, you can pursue your dreams, and it’s not about memorizing things, it’s about learning concepts. So whenever I do an interview, I try to summarize my statements by saying ‘What concepts am I promoting?’ Only a handful of concepts drive science, like, for example, the weather. If someone asked me about the weather, I try to sneak into the fact that rain is caused when hot air collides with cold air; Benjamin Franklin figured that out. But when you watch the evening news, you now know that when hot air collides with cold air, that’s when it rains. So a simple principle allows you to decode all of meteorology.” [Hell, that was easy, let’s move on – Wait, stop. The last time I mixed hot air and cold air I got WARM AIR. In order to make rain I also need water vapor.  I also need a way to remove excess heat from the condensing for it to continue to rain.  As far as lightning, well, Michio is still working on that one.  And hey, how about the up to 600 Hiroshima Bombs of energy released over 30 minutes during the Moore, OK tornado, where did all that energy come from?]


Can’t Find Dem Strings, Can’t Find Dem Missing 95% Universal Quantum Vacuums, Can’t explain Lightn’n any better’n Ben Franklin, but Is now an Expert advocating Microwaveable Brain Matters and downloadable Alzheimer’s brains. He really ought to solve them Physics problems first, maybe they will help with the rest. But that’s OK, God Forgives everyone, so do I


  1. I am not a popular man with the physorcists…

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