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April 15, 2014


4-15-14 Oklahoma City

366 Earthquakes in 105 days avg M2.8, 17 High Powered, Pulsed Microwave Radars Pulsing 12-15,000,000 Watts of Power 24/7

Radar Earthquake Power

Close Enough. Maybe the rest of the energy is all the Cell Towers and Broadcast Towers. I am within 15%. Physicists originally missed the energy in the universe by something like 1900% So I am not concerned

Thus, our atmosphere is a quantum flux capacitor 🙂  Maybe the Fracking Fluid also makes the Earth more conductive in those areas, leading to a greater chance of discharge, I’ll think about that one… Bad news though, with all this vacuum swirling around and decaying everything, going back in time, which really does not exist, does not look promising.


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