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Epic Fail

April 17, 2014 can’t really help it, I keep getting angry to think that our country and leading scientists have installed over 600,000,000 watts of pulsed Doppler microwave radars and nobody has done any long term studies that I can find on these radars’ effect on surrounding biology.  After staring at maps for over a year and running statistics, it appears obvious to me they are damaging all biology.  To think the “greatest country in the world” would do this absolutely shocks me. It appears to me the institutions have all focused on how to make the things bigger and badder and most people are now living within range of two or three towers. I will bet you there is no one person in the government that could actually tell you how many radars are near you.  Meanwhile, autism, which used to be a 1/10,000 occurrence has skyrocketed to 1/68 in this country. As I studied these pulsed radars, what became apparent to me is that I believe their is a FATAL ASSUMPTION.  The W.H.O. limit on 2.5 GHZ radiation is 10 Watts/Sq. Meter.  The Peak Power of a NEXRAD radar is 750,000 Watts. In terms of electromagnetism, one watt is the rate at which work is done when one ampere (A) of current flows through an electrical potential difference of one volt(V). In other words, you cant average those pulses over a second and say they are safe because you are reducing the rate of work that they are doing on whatever they are passing through at the speed of light, i.e. YOU and I. I went ahead and plugged in some preliminary numbers in the following calculator and it tells me that within 6 miles of a NEXRAD 750,000 watt radar you may be exceeding the safe guidelines of 10 watts/sq. meter at any given moment if a pulse is passing through you. I realize the pulse is very short and travelling at the speed of light and can’t “heat” you, but what damage does it do on the way through at the molecular level?  Now, what if you live in Melbourne Florida, where they have over fifteen times that amount of overlapping microwave radiation pulsing within a 25 mile area, where the DOLPHINS ARE SHOWING SIGNS OF ELECTROMAGNETIC SHOCK. “We can see signs of shock in the necropsy,” de Wit said. “We see it in their blood vessels and their organs and in addition to the shock we see signs of drowning.” RADAR Power I have a question for you.  If you can average those pulses over one second because it is the same thing, why don’t they just operate the radars at that low power level continuously? BECAUSE THEY WON’T WORK!   I also updated my easy-bake microwave radar database in the US, you can download it here.  Everyone should count up the radars/megawatts close to them and plug it into the calculator to estimate their personal microwave setting…If you don’t believe me then I suggest you wire your head to a transformer and pulse that same energy level through your head(kidding – DO NOT TRY AT HOME)


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