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April 27, 2014

doppler00doppler effectdoppler effect2doppler04_a2Doppler2

10-Winterbourne-Monkton-Wilts-23-05-2007-Barley-OH 10-Savernake-Forest-Wiltshire-06-07-06-Wheat-OH 70_Normanton_Down_nr_Stonehenge_Wiltshire_01_08_2013_Wheat_OH 31_The_Ridgeway_Avebury_Wiltshire_06_07_2013_Wheat_OH 038_Hackpen_Hill_Wiltshire_30th_May_2011_Barley_OH2


Approx 5,000,000 watts or more from pulsed radars near Indian River Lagoon


Oxidative Stress induced by pulsed Doppler microwaves around Indian River Lagoon


Diseased and Dying Manatees in Indian River Lagoon



From → Biology, Geophysics

    • I meditate while staring @ crop circles….:)
      Some great photos on this site:

      • interestingly, the crop circles are similar to the Doppler images

      • That’s what I thought. I have this sense of dread that these dopplers have been damaging all biology for 100 years and nobody has noticed or wanted to notice. They are basically a medium power EMP weapon.

      • I never would have noticed – but I think you got on to it and you are probably right that there is a heavy duty effect over time – I recall toxic waste sites that were thought to be safe land fills and after a couple of decades there suddenly cancers and all sorts of health problems – same with water… many medicines and chemicals have a long life and do damage over time

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