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April 29, 2014

So I setup our basement last night to prepare for the storms that swept through Atlanta last night in case I had to wake everyone up in the middle of the night, fortunately the intense lines broke up before reaching us, which was unfortunate for those in Mississippi and Alabama that had the tornadoes.

I found a good GOES satellite video of the storm system.  I want everyone to look at those supercell storms that appear “from nowhere” along a very defined/curved line in the atmosphere.  It is along those lines or “strings” and “branes” that I believe you will find “gravity” which is really curled up space from the Sun, made up of a whole host of subatomic particles that are inflating and decaying and forming protons and water vapor in our atmosphere as well as releasing a bitchload of electromagentic energy (lightning) as those strings break into supercells and decay in our atmosphere.  I think those supercells are really triggered from topological defects along those strings which cause them to break symmetry and inflate into our three dimensions of space.  As they inflate and decay they cause one hell of a ruckus in our world.

Decaying Quantum Vacuum

Those strings ionize and condense and release entropy as they decay. Life needs them for the energy and water that they bring as well as holding us in orbit.  We could just do with a little less uncertainty.  About the only way I can see to do that is to try and “break up/untangle”, “de-energize” or ground-out” those strings before they reach land, possibly over the oceans.  Large quantum objects are not very stable, as you can see from the storm system breaking up, but they do pack a hell of a lot of energy (our quantum gravity field).

One thing I am pretty certain of, we cannot pump massive amounts of high powered, pulsed microwaves into that vacuum above our heads, because it is bending and lensing and attenuating it, just as it does light, and shooting it right back through our heads…..

You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t sort of thing…..


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