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April 29, 2014
Mass Disease Cluster

Autoimmune disease cluster within 15 miles of Radar Test site in Massachusetts

Disease Cluster Information Here

Those areas of Mass. with the disease cluster are the high rent areas and are elevated so I think they get more direct microwaves.  Lincoln Lab’s radars are also on a hill/roof. I can’t be sure of the total pulsed microwave strength, but I count 7 radars x say 500,000 watts avg each pulse = 3,500,000 Watts of pulsed microwaves.

Of course those radars are rotating at 5-15 RPM and bouncing off the atmosphere and buildings and trees, but the maximum energy density I calculate at 15 km and an avg. radar gain of 40 dB is approx 12.4 W/m2 or 1.24 uW/cm2 which is 10 TIMES this study

Unexpectedly, a strong non-thermal character of biological effects of RFR has been documented. As low as 0.1 µW/cm2 intensity of RFR and absorbed energy specific absorption rate, (SAR) of 0.3 µW/kg were demonstrated to be effective in inducing significant oxidative stress in living cells.

I may need to seek asylum when this is over.







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