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Power to the People?

May 3, 2014


I ran some Doppler radar exposures below at different distances (everyone should check my math):

Radar Exposure3

Radar Exposure2

Radar Exposure

Here are my thoughts:

1) The peak pulsed power humans are potentially exposed to from pulsed Doppler microwave Weather, Military and FAA radars is MUCH higher than other sources

2) Humans at higher elevations and along hillsides have more exposure

3) During overcast/severe weather, more microwaves will be reflected back towards humans, increasing exposure.

3) Radar pulses are not on for very long so the accumulated exposure is typically lower than other sources.  Radar guys will average these pulses over a second and tell you they are low power, that is FALSE and VERY MISLEADING.

4) Some of the areas of the US (Melbourne, FL, White Sands, Guam) have over 10 of these radars within a 5-20 mile radius. All areas have signs of “chronic wasting” of wildlife

5) I see no studies where anyone has pulsed 1000, 4000 or 20,000 mW/cm2 (5 military radars reflecting down on you from a km away),  to see if a rat croaks or at least its eyeballs pop out

6) We drive by these radars daily and come VERY CLOSE to many of them

7) We walk by them VERY CLOSE on a cruise ship and our kids slide down the waterslide in their path and people party standing beside them

8) My model of the atmosphere says the “Ducting” and scattering of the Doppler EMF is caused by vacuum in our atmosphere, which is important since it can bend any electromagnetic radiation, including light.

Doppler Radar

But don’t believe me, believe nature.


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