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June 28, 2014
Anini6-14r (640x542)From: underwater2web . <>
Date: Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 10:34 PM
Subject: Kauai Coral Disease and Damaging Microwave Radar!
To: Many People in Important Places Who Should Care
Cc: World
After working on studying the Kauai coral disease and massive die off of our reefs over the past three years, I finally found a pattern that I feel needs to be seriously looked at!
After doing over 1,000 scuba dives in Kauai and observing hundreds of thousands of corals dying from the cyanobacterial disease along the north shore, nothing seems to make any since as to why this destruction is happening.
The reefs are dying at lightening speed all along the north shore in areas of high pollution and run off and areas of no pollution or run off.
Over the past 60 days I have been talking with a chemical expert that is studying the effects of “pulse microwave radar towers” on living tissue and corals.
Our Navy is using a massive amount of this damaging frequency all along the north shore of Kauai for their war games and military base and they are also using it in Kaneohe Bay where there is another coral reef die off.
This microwave radar reflects off our constant cloud cover here in Kauai and is beamed right onto the reefs 24/7. Also being beamed onto us humans!
It has been proven in the lab that this microwave can polarize water molecules which will dissolve calcium carbonate. We all know the calcium carbonate is the structure of the coral reef.
Our reefs are dissolving right before our eyes and the corals have lost their immune system. Giant old growth corals that have been subjected to this microwave transmission are basically crumbling, many of which are completely falling off the reef!
I want to find out what is killing our entire reefs system so I conducted a number of test dives. The tall cliffs along the shore line in places, block the microwave transmissions from hitting the reefs. See the diagram of Tunnels reefs where the corals just west of Tunnels are blocked from the radar and they are healthy!! The reef at Tunnels that gets the reflected microwaves 24/7 is almost totally dead. These reefs have the same run off, swell, current, coral cover and marine life.
My biggest find was yesterday at Anini Beach!! I have dove Anini hundreds of times and have done over 100 movies on the reef over the last ten years, many with you. I though the entire lagoon had died due to this coral disease but I was wrong.
Down past the river is a small cove that is sheltered by the tall coastal bluffs. This is the area where the polluted creek washes into, and the nitrates and sewage from Princeville empties out into this part of the reef.
What I found was just stunning!! Hundreds of perfect healthy corals growing right in the middle of the algae! How can this be? The only live healthy place in Anini Bay in front of a polluted creek!
I took video of over 100 corals and only one was diseased!! Where as the rest of the lagoon is over 80% dead and the remaining corals are almost all diseased.
I have now found this scenario all along the north shore. The only healthy reefs are right in front of high bluffs that block the radar tower transmissions! This includes coves down in Kalalalau. If this is just a coincidence then it is one for the record books!
Here is a map of Anini showing the healthy corals blocked from the radar. Same with Tunnels reef.
After three years of extensive study by yourself, USGS and NOAA we still do not know what is causing millions of corals to die along the north shore of Kauai and I feel there is enough logical data to warrant an immediate study of the effects of these microwave radar towers that the military is using all along the north shore of Kauai.
Please look at these super healthy and beautiful corals that are all packed into one little location at Anini. I bet if ——— did some calcium carbonate studies and immune system studies on these corals he would find something very interesting compared to the same study being done on the open part of the reef where the corals are disintegrating at lightning speed! We now have a perfect study area to do comparative analysis.
There are a lot of critics out there that will always say “you can’t prove it”, but something is killing the reefs and at least I am trying to figure it out day in and day out. The bottom line is we CAN prove it, or disprove it, with a good funded study.
Please review the web page at Stewart predicted this exact coral die off in Kauai before meeting me, as he has been tracking the effects of this dangerous microwave radar for quite a while and he has many good studies to review.
Is this the answer to our coral die off? I do not yet know but we would be VERY foolish to ignore the possibility!
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