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Did anybody (other than Physicists) really think that pulsing 30,000,000 watts of power 24/7 through EVERYTHING would be healthy?

June 28, 2014

TunnelsAirGiants2 (640x449)———- Forwarded message ———-
From: underwater2web . <>
Date: Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 4:22 PM
Subject: Open Letter To [Very Important Person] About The Military Killing Our Reefs
Cc: World

I want to introduce you to a giant coral at Tunnels Reef I call Hinapu Ka’ia. Hinapu is the goddess of coral reefs and this coral is the largest coral I have ever seen in Kauai and the largest coral I have ever seen in the world after 5,000 scuba dives I have done!
This coral was probably the fist coral to grow at Tunnels Lagoon which is the caldera of an extinct volcano. She is over 40 feet wide and 20 feet tall weighing as much as the house I live in. She is many thousands of years old and I visit her a few times a year because it is a long swim against waves, current and wind to visit where she lives.
Hinapu is dying quickly along with over 500 other giant corals which live close to her. They are disinigrating and turning into mud. It is my belief of which I hope to soon prove, that the Military’s microwave radar towers mounted along the mountain tops of the north shore of Kauai are killing her and the entire reef!
The area where Hinapu lives does not get mud from rivers or run off. This area does not get bothered by land based pollution or pesticides. I is a super clean, pristine part of the reef washed daily by the surf coming from the deep blue sea.
Only one thing could kill these giant corals and turn them into mud and that is the constant bombardment of from the Military using dangerous levels of microwave for their war games and to hide their activities at the base at Barking Sands.
What I do not understand is why you, ———, Our Governor, Mayor and our President along with other politicians are supporting the most massive build up of war fare ever to exist in the world, and it is now centered in Hawaii.
What is our government trying to protect? If the war games kill the very fabric of life in Hawaii, the coral reefs, then what is left to protect? High rise hotels in Waikiki? Who cares if North Korea invades Kauai. Are they going to come over to try and steal our dead reefs and marine life?
Why are you supporting such activities?
I am sure you do not want to kill the reefs in Kauai and you are more than likely not aware that they are dying at lightning speed so I am letting you know in a professional way what is happening below the waves.
I am documenting over 60 reefs along the north shore of Kauai monthly and taking HD video with time, date and GPS to document the coral die off. I am also documenting each of the Military’s pulse microwave radar towers and where the microwaves come in direct contact with the reef, or reflect off of the constant cloud cover onto the reefs. These microwaves polarize the water molecules which then causes the calcium carbonate structure of the corals to fall apart turning the corals into mud.
If I am wrong and some other monster from the black lagoon is killing our giant old corals along the north shore of Kauai and it is not the military then, please fill me in on this phenomenon!  I cannot find even one coral biologist on planet earth that can figure out why the corals are all dying in the areas that are directly impacted by the Navy Radar and Sonar, but are alive in areas that are blocked from these dangerous frequencies. 
The first set of pictures are of Hinapu the mother of the reef at Tunnels. The others are of her disintegrating partners. I put in a few of the remaining live corals marked “live” so you can see what they should look like.
Would you please have your military friends contact me and have their “scientist” explain to me and the reef what they are doing? I cannot find any published information from the military where they have studied the effects of their microwave radar on coral reefs. If I had this I would not be bothering you about the reef die off.
Maybe we could at lease save a few corals so the reef can live and re grow in the next thousand years, once this madness is stopped.
Terry Lilley
Marine Biologist
Hanalei HI
TunnelsGiants (640x496) TunnelsGiants2 (640x460) Kaui Radar TunnelsGiant1 (640x360) TunnelsGiant2 (640x360) TunnelsGiant3 (640x360) TunnelsGiant4 (640x360) TunnelsGiant5 (640x360) TunnelsGiant6 (640x446) TunnelsGiant7 (640x444) TunnelsGiant8 (640x450) TunnelsGiant9 (640x481) TunnelsGiant10 (640x444) TunnelsGiant11 (640x506) TunnelsGiant12 (640x457) TunnelsGiant13 (640x470) TunnelsGiantAlive (640x474) TunnelsGiantAlive2 (640x491) TunnelsGianyAlive3 (640x411)

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