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What I Think is “Cooking” the Reef in Kauai

July 22, 2014

High Powered, Pulsed Microwave Radar Installations on Kauai

Tunnels Given that the safe limit is 10 watts / sq. meter for EMF, I would look closely at the “pulsed” power level reflecting over that area.  Each pulse is only a microsecond (0.000001 seconds) but in that time electricity (E field of pulse) can travel over 900 feet. EMF pulses can discharge into the ocean/biology by three different methods,  electric induction, magnetic induction and resistive coupling. See my last post.  At first glance it appears to be less power than in the Indian River Lagoon (The 12,000,000 pulsed watts of radars sit directly beside the lagoon) and appear to be ELECTROCUTING the sea life.

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