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August 13, 2014

Pulsed electromagnetic radiation induces charge clusters in sea water, softening and dissolving CaCO3 as well induces electrical discharge since salt water is a good conductor due to ions in solution

Seastar wasting syndrome update

Millions of sea stars from Alaska to Mexico and is being studied by various teams, including about 40 biologists from many west coast universities and all the major aquariums.

According to Barsh many seastars have retreated to deeper, cooler water, and those that remain around Indian Island are mostly hidden in crevices or under boulders, out of direct sunlight.

Sunlight is another form of electromagnetic radiation, albeit higher frequencies, just like pulsed microwave radiation.  The reason the sea stars are still alive hidden in crevices and under rocks is because they are SHELTERED FROM PULSED MICROWAVE ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION from the radar towers(high powered military, FAA and weather) and cellular towers (lower power).  Deeper water also protects them.

The rest of the exposed sea stars have DISSOLVED


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