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Give Me Some Skin

August 15, 2014


They Aren’t Always Smiling: Skin Lesions and Deformities Plague Wild Dolphins

“We met a couple of bottlenose, after kayaking almost three hours under a blistering sun, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. The larger of the two dolphins surfaced next to me as the other moved away and disappeared. It was dreadful. It was as though this animal emerged from a horror movie. Grayish-white abnormal growths covered almost half of its ulcerated body. Its skin had the consistency of cauliflower. The disfigured dolphin glanced at me, paused for a moment, then dove. And that was all I saw of it…”

“Do you know about the dolphins in the Indian River Lagoon?” my friend asked.

“I’ve heard about them,” I replied, “but I’ve never seen them.”

I had read that a goodly percentage of bottlenose dolphins in the lagoon were affected by lobomycosis, a mycotic infection also found in humans, and by oral and genital tumors, of which I’d seen some grotesque images of online. Further, many dolphins had pneumonia, hepatitis, meningitis, and disorders of the nervous system. But I had no clue how dire the problem had become in the last few years.


skineffektAt DC, current in a conductor flows with uniform density over the cross section of the conductor. At radio frequencies, mobile charges within the material are made to oscillate back and forth with the same frequency as the impinging fields. These fields induce a current flowing in the opposite direction of the alternating current. The sum of both currents causes that the current flows only in a very thin “Skin”. Everywhere else the conductors are free from electromagnetic fields. Even very thin wallet metal envelopes will, therefore, entirely screen the electromagnetic field within coaxial RF cables at radio frequencies.

At high frequencies, the current tends to flow only in the conductor surface; the effective conductor cross section decreases and the conductor resistance increases.

The depth of penetration illustrates the skin effect. It is defined as the thickness of a thin surface layer (assumed to have an even distribution of a current flow), having the same resistance as an actual conductor whch is undergoing to skin effect.

Because of the influence of the skin effect upon inductance the resistance is frequency-dependent:

Electrical Discharger

wing tip“Precipitation static” is an electrical charge on an airplane (or Dolphin) caused by flying (swimming) through rain, snow, ice, or dust particles (or electrified salt water). When the aircraft charge is great enough, it discharges into the surrounding air. The discharge path is through pointed aircraft extremities, such as antennas, wing tips (tips of fins), vertical and horizontal stabilizers, and other protrusions.


1-31-14-melbourne2 (1)

Lots of dead stuff in Indian river lagoon around approx. 13 millions watts of pulsed microwave radars. (F) are tens of thousands of dead fish.


Radar Power Density

Typical Example of radiation reaching Ground Around Non-Isotropic radars (dishes). Radiation will increase as cloud cover lowers and intensifies during storms

Manatee deaths unsolved amid effort to reverse Indian River collapse

Also unexplained were nearly 80 dolphins found dead and emaciated. While the pelicans and dolphins are thought to have declined in health for days or weeks, manatees succumbed suddenly and without warning. Investigators have repeatedly looked at whether the die-off of seagrasses left the mammals to eat seaweeds that may contain toxins.

We can see signs of shock in the necropsy,” de Wit said. “We see it in their blood vessels and their organs and in addition to the shock we see signs of drowning.”

Radar boys will tell you that you can divide peak pulse power by 1000 and life is good, even though that 1,000,000 watt pulse can travel 900 feet in 1/1000000 of a second. Nature does not work on averages, she has to instantly discharge that pulse. Life is bad around multiple pulsed microwave radars, just ask the dolphins and manatees.

During my 28 year engineering design career, usually when something/someone in an industrial plant is getting shocked, WE LOOK FOR THE SOURCE OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY! But maybe I am too simple…

In the end, believe what you want.


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