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Huanglongbing Degenerative Transmission Virus (HDTV)

September 5, 2014


HDTV Citrus Canker

1,000,000 Watt HDTV Tower has Citrus Canker and Greening around it…

Citrus Canker


Most spread of canker bacteria by wind and rain is over short distances: within trees or to neighboring trees. Canker is more severe on the side of the tree exposed to wind-driven rain. Spread over longer distances, up to miles, can occur during heavy winds, severe tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

My research tells me that the reflected/ducted/conducted/inducted electromagnetic radiation from the tower(s) is increasing to the ground & trees during storms, triggering canker in the trees and long term greening and death.  Dying trees give off odors and attract bugs.  Electromagnetic radiation may also be magnetizing/conditioning rainwater.




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