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A Now for a Quick Weather Update…

September 7, 2014

9-6-14 Florida

An intense band of scattered, pulsed microwave radiation is sweeping across the State today.  On the Gulf coast you can expect more ionized plasma discharges from the atmosphere along with an increase in fish kills due to hypoxia and disease from increased electromagnetic discharge into the shallow, conductive salt waterways.  Ongoing algae blooms will persist and intensify due to the temporary increase in reflected electromagnetic radiation from pulsed radars.  Inland, you can expect an increase in sinkhole activity around pulsed microwave, radio/TV and cellular towers due to the electromagnetic radiation gradually dissolving the surrounding limestone (CaCO3) surface of Florida until the weakest areas collapse into the aquifer below. Further inland you can expect an increase in citrus canker and ongoing citrus greening due to electromagnetic energy grounding out through the citrus trees, which, due to their low pH and lots of leaves for surface area, makes them great antennas.  As we reach the East coast, you can expect an increase in shocked and drowned mammals in the Indian River Lagoon due to the cumulative effect of the 17 high powered pulsed radars reflecting and scattering off the overhead hydrometeors (precipitation stuff) in that area of the State.  You can also expect accelerated tumor growth in the other wildlife in the area. Any animals near the surface of the lagoon, where the electromagnetic discharge is greatest, such as pelicans, dolphins and manatee are at greater risk.  As we move offshore, an increase in waterspout activity along with continued diseased and dissolving coral reefs are expected.

Oh yeah, and you can expect a little rain.

Enjoy your weekend!

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