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In general, I have found that men are scared of women…

October 26, 2014


From: Kaua’i Voice <>
Date: Fri, Oct 24, 2014 at 6:10 PM
Subject: URGENT: Potential BIOHAZARD: Kaua’i, HI
Cc: ChemE Stewart <>,,,,

To Whom it May Concern,

We, the residents of the idyllic island of Kaua’i, HI are facing a major environmental disaster! Here, where we are supposed to have the cleanest water in the world, and are facing unparalleled peril in paradise.
Culprit: The Government in Hawai’i (re: RIMPAC)
PMRF Pacific Missile Range Facility: PO Box 128 Kekaha, HI 96752
DOW, DUPONT, SYNGENTA, BASF, PIONEER (All based on Kaua’i and have sued Kaua’i County for their “right” to poison us, after Ordinance 960 was made law (Bill 2491, Kauai’s “right to know” Bill).
I am an extremely concerned citizen and independent reporter who has been working along with a team of top scientists, marine biologists, and chemical engineers who are horribly alarmed about all the reports that are recently coming in. These reports are not only affecting marine life, but they now are affecting HUMANS as well. Humans… like me. Here is the report by head chemical engineer about the outer reef trip where my health problems began…!Kauai-Reef-Analysis-by-Stewart-Simonson-Senior-Chemical-Engineer-/c32e/1BEF6D7D-4F4F-4CCE-8014-BA651E659219


And She Has Lots of Ammunition

I live on the beautiful North Shore and have just been diagnosed with Class A Staph & Step, which contain the flesh eating variety (after snorkeling and documenting the reef with specialists on October 5, 2014, right after/during the RIMPAC Naval exercises) . Since I have fallen ill, and currently under a doctor’s care, I now have 11 additional reports of my friends who also have the same symptoms around the North Shore. And, my now friend’s dog has to now be flown to Oahu immediately due to this very hazardous flesh eating staph to be treated by specialists.

  • ​Local marine biologists have documented severe disease, death and dissolution in the ocean around the North Shore/radar station
  • USGS Scientist has declared an epidemic on the North Shore of Kauai
  • Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has requested information from the military due to an obvious acceleration of disease during RIMPAC
  • Senior chemical engineer has documented evidence of disease, death and dissolution around other radar stations similar to Kauai
  • Dept. of Interior has recently attacked FCC for adverse effects of non-ionizing radiation on wildlife and we have the equivalent radiation of 600 cell towers atop the hill
  • Millions of coral polyps are dying, fish are dying, mammals are dying, tons of coral reef skeleton are dissolving
  • Surfers/divers/locals are getting sick with staph, strep, flesh eating disease, etc. Reports of fever are coming in from all around the island
  • An 18ft Pilot Whale washed up on shore after the military’s RIMPAC war games filled with bullet holes, collateral damage (she was still breathing when she washed ashore before being confiscated by the military).
  • Toby fish are turning black with fins rotting off
  • Quadriplegic turtles
  • 10,000 or so Dead Sea urchins
  • We have found a dead shark on the reef that did not die of any known causes (i.e: no wounds, etc)
  • My mom has stage 3 breast cancer and has lived on Kauai since 2009
  • Renown Marine Biologist Terry Lilley had a heart attack, and is currently being heart monitored 24 hrs a day along with having extreme heavy metal poisoning
  • My healthy cat suddenly died the other day like he was electrocuted, similar to what happened to Mr. Lilley
  • It is so incredibly bad here that top producers are presently making a movie about it!
Mermaid-WarriorPLEASE! I implore you! Do your job and PROTECT KAUA’i AND ITS CITIZENS!
On the other islands like Maui, there are extreme cases of turtle tumors and even more problems…
There is so much evidence here it is mind-boggling! For more information, please research our collective site,  and
Be assured I will also be contacting more agencies like the Coastguard, etc. immediately. Please act now to save us all. Thank you for your swift attention to this dire matter and I look forward to each of your immediate response.
Be ready, this is just the beginning… PROTECT WHAT YOU LOVE!
Mahana Mari


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Protect what you LOVE!
Editor: Mahana Mari

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