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The Pulsed Microwave Radar Appears To Be Striking At/Near The School, NOT A WATER TOWER!

December 26, 2014

Figure 3. Pulsed Microwave TDWR Radar is hitting something at/near Hopewell High School

Hopwell High School2

Figure 3.

huntersville 1Hopwell High School

Mystery shrouds possible eye cancer cluster in Huntersville


Four months after an Eyewitness News investigation revealed an unusual number of cases of a rare eye disease in Huntersville, victims said they are disappointed with the response by North Carolina health officials.

At the same time, a group of the country’s leading eye doctors are beginning their own independent investigation.

Weather Radar LInk

Why are the velocity and reflectivity images missing northwest of the radar?

Unfortunately, a tower (I THINK IT MAY BE THE HIGH SCHOOL AND/OR BLEACHERS! THE TANK IS TO THE EAST) located northwest of the radar antenna blocks a portion of the radar transmission. The beam blockage results in missing to very poor quality data beyond the water tower, see Figure 3.

Figure 3. Beam blockage resulting in poor data along the 340 degree radial.

3. Where can I find current Charlotte TDWR velocity and reflectivity images?

Charlotte TDWR velocity, reflectivity, and Vertically Integrated Liquid are provided on the RIDGE II display.

The findings suggest that young persons exposed to high levels of RF/MW radiation for long periods in settings where preventive measures were lax were at increased risk for cancer. Very short latency periods suggest high risks from high-level exposures. Calculations derived from a linear model of dose-response suggest the need to prevent exposures in the range of 10-100 μw/cm2.

FYI, I calculate “potential” peak pulsed power density in the overhead Huntersville area from the TDWR radar of

@ 3 miles from radar (70 watts) / (sq meter) = 7000 uw/cm2
Model TDWR
Max Pulsed Power (Watts) 250,000
Gain (dBi) 50
EIRP 25,000,000,000
Frequency (MHz) 5,575
Max Pulsed Power Density (W/m2) @ 5 km 70 Watts/sq. m (7000 uw/cm2)
Pulse Duration(uSec) 1.1
Pulse Repition Factor (Hz) 2000
Range Est. (Miles) 56
Latitude 35.33733784
Longitude -80.88496241
FIPS Mecklenburg
County NC
State 37119
Effective Date 1994-1996
Key 3

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